Benefits from Lyon’s Industries, Inc.

As a bathtub manufacturer dedicated to designing and creating high-quality products, Lyons Industries, Inc. is always looking for new team members. We offer a vast array of competitive benefits to people that work with use and even provide life coaches to employees who wish to reap the rewards of having one.

Advantages of Working With Us

We are hiring for both first and second shifts and offer competitive wages for both. Pay starts at $14 per hour and second shift employees receive an additional dollar per hour. We offer vacation and holiday pay with great insurance for health, vision, and dental. For every employee you refer to us, you’ll receive a $1,000 bonus. We match the money our employees put into the 401(k) Retirement program and we even offer profit sharing for any employee who wants to participate.

Benefits of Having a Life Coach

Life coaching is a growing field and at Lyons, Industries, Inc., we understand the value of placing our new employees with mentors. Working with one of our life coaches can help you determine which career path is the most beneficial to you. Not only do mentors help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, but they also assess job performance and help you find the right fit. You can expect your life coach to help you through the following stages.

  • Initiation:

    • You meet your life coach and decide if he or she is a good fit for you.
  • Cultivation:

    • You learn from your mentor.
  • Separation:

    • You begin to work apart from your mentor and establish your unique role within the company.
  • Redefinition:

    • You move from a mentoring relationship with your life coach to a social friendship.

If you are looking for a manufacturing career that offers many employee benefits, Lyons Industries, Inc. would love to help you find the right job within our company. Apply today to get started on a wonderful career and connect with a life coach to guide you through your new job. Call (269) 782-3404 for more information today!